Animations Part 2

Continuing from the last update:

  • I've created the animations for Normalin when her legs are bound
  • Created scripts that allow me to change animations and outfits on the fly

Below is a gif showing the running animation of Normalin when free and bound, and in a few different outfits.

Next I'll work on the models and scripts for all the restraints . This might take a while longer than the other updates, because ALL restraints have to be created from scratch (no shortcuts this time unfortunately...)

Anyways, see you next time!


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So what's the gameplay implications of bound legs? Since walking is slow enough for the bad guys to catch you, makes me think that legs bound will be barely fast enough to escape so that every mistake is permanent?

Also, are there plans to have a legitimate 'good ending' if you cross the line? Or will she always be captured since it's a dead end?

I've actually thought of that.

Normalin will actually move slower than the bad guy when bound, so he will constantly gain ground. To compensate for that I was thinking of adding special powerups (they will appear more frequently when leg bound) that freeze the baddie for a little while.

Also I do plan to have a different ending when crossing the finish line. 

So are you planning to have the bad guys catch up faster than the current demo when her legs aren't bound? As in the current demo, other than the RNG (I assume it's RNG) causing a deluge of obstacles near the end, I don't see the need for such a power up. 

Though on that note, it seems that sometimes the large dumpsters spawn in such a way that looks like you can get between them and the wall, but the gap is too narrow. So when I try and get between, I get stuck. Could just be me being dumb, but maybe something to consider having them spawn either right next to the wall, or far enough away you can go between them and the wall.

And that made me think of another thing. Perhaps (might make the game more complex than desired), but perhaps if her arms aren't bound, she can climb over the dumpsters at a significant delay? I would perfectly understand if the dumpsters were always going to be a wall you have to go around no matter what, it just made me wonder if there were any plans for bound arms to impact the gameplay or if it were going to be purely cosmetic. 

Your assumption is correct. The obstacles are for the most part randomly generated. And because of that there are some cases of creating unintentional "traps" where Normalin gets stuck.  It was one of the reasons I allowed Normalin to walk backwards. Anyway I might think of better way to solve the problem.

I disagree with the dumpster climbing idea because its a little to late at this point. Adding that in would require me to go back, make new animations, make changes to the animation scripts, etc. In other words it would waste a lot of time.

I assure you her hands will have some game-play significance in the next version but I'll leave it as a surprise.