Better Obstacles

Another small update report.

I've just replaced the old obstacles with better assets and I've added a few more to have some variety.  Before I only had 3 different obstacles: Trash bags, Trash Cans and Dumpsters. As seen in the image below, the new obstacles are much better in terms of variety.

Also I've tried separating the obstacles into two groups: ones that can be jumped over (trash bags, cardboxes, etc.) and ones that cannot be jumped over (trash can, road blocks, etc.). 

Collection of obstacles

Here the new and improved obstacles.

Additionally I've adapted the obstacle generation algorithm to the new environment. Since the elevation and orientation of the streets changes (unlike the first demo), the obstacles need to be placed accordingly. There might be a few bugs still, but I'll try and fix them later once I get the game-play working.

Now on to the next thing.


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Possible new 'bonus bondage' item you could add with the obstacles, leg bindings.  IE unable to 'jump' over obstacles to clear them but you get another bonus to your score, like the blindfold.

oh my gosh, you're really, seriously working on this a lot... serious respect to you, you're doing an amazing job.

Its still too early to celebrate.
There's lots of work to be done still :D.