Animations Part 1

I'm back with another small update.

After making the model and the outfits my next target was of-course the animations. At first I tried to use animations I found online, but I couldn't edit them in my animation software (Blender) due to some importing issues. So I started to painstakingly make the animations myself, key-frame by key-frame. It wasn't all bad though! The base mesh I used for Normalin had some IK handles, which helped me immensely in my task.

So far I made the base animations for Normalin when her legs are not bound: She can walk, run, idle around, jump, stumble and fall. Then I created "poses" for various arm restraints. These will be used as overlays over the base animation, in effect making Normalin's arms appear bound while she is moving normally. This system is both efficient and headache free (for me at-least :D)

I then booted Unity up for a test drive. I created a base animation controller (for those that have some experience in the Unity game engine) and added a few animation layers on top. Right below is a screenshot of the first animation layer. I'm honestly happy with how clean it looks :)!

A peak at Normalin's Animation Controller

For those that are interested I used animation controller overrides to facilitate the changing of the hand restraints animation. Furthermore I wrote a script that generates the appropriate animation controller override dynamically.  Tell me in the comments if you want more details.

Anyways. Below I show a test scene I've set up that has Normalin in various hand restraints poses (with invisible restraints :P) while performing some base animations.

Next I will create animations for the leg restraints.

Thanks for following my devlogs. If you have any questions or opinions let me know down on the comments. See you soon!


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I'm not sure if this is the correct devlog to comment on or if you were doing one on sounds later, but what the hell, I'll comment here.

Do you plan to have different sound effects for her steps when she's wearing different costumes? Hearing the 'clop clop clop' of her shoes when she runs in her swimsuit just felt off.

The answer is yes. It was a bit too much effort for the first demo to have multiple footstep sounds, especially since there was only one alternate costume. Now I will do things right and create footsteps for all the outfits (And some specific items)!

That's fair, obviously being on the outside I have no idea what parts of the demo are considered 'final' or not.