Outfits Created (Technically)

If you've played the demo you know that there is a shop tab for clothing options. Unfortunately the first demo has only two outfits: The default and a onepiece swimsuit. Now I have 9 different outfits that will be purchasable in-game:

These are (in no particular order):

  • Casual Jeans and pink shirt (Default)
  • Onepiece Swimsuit
  • Bikini
  • Maid Costume
  • Bunny Girl
  • Cat Girl
  • Naked
  • Pony Girl Harness
  • Latex Catsuit  


  • Some of these costumes need more work, so I might revisit them when I have the time.
  • I do not plan on making more costumes.. But you can leave your suggestions in the comments in case I change my mind.
  • Note: A few of these costumes will only be available on the paid version of the game. Candidates are the latex suit and the pony harness.


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The only kind of outfits I can think of here would be some sort of mix and match. Such as say the pink shirt but with no bottom, or pink shirt with bikini bottom/underwear etc.

Sounds like a good idea.. but It won't be easy given how I implement outfits.