Improved Environments

A small update here.

I have decided to replace my environments with better looking ones. Previously I combined textures, simple shapes and stock photos to get a semi-passable result. Unfortunately that keeps my game back in terms of quality (unless I was making a retro low poly game). The replacements came from the Unity asset store and they look amazing in comparison! Take a look below to see for yourselves. 

Before and After comparison of the graphics

Before I had to rely on stock images, simple shapes and repeating textures (up). Now I use professionaly made modular assets and the results are much better (down)

Another thing to note was that I upgraded my "Procedural Generation Engine" so that it is able to generate more complex and varied paths. Before I would simply add a new block in a linear path and switch around the objects and textures to add some variety. Now I use procedural algorithms to create the building row by row, column by column trying to vary the assets as much as possible! Additionally I have 4 different templates that I can combine: Straight Path, Stairs, Sharp Turn, and a Tunnel Path.  The result is that the generated levels are much more interesting than the initial version!

Generated Procedural Level

As you can see the level now has sharp turns and some ups and downs with staircases

Before: Linear path

This is the previous version. Just a simple straight path.

Of-course I still need to add the obstacles to this new generated level and to fix those annoying seams between the walls. See ya next update!


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Would Normalin automatically turn, or would the player have to input a command? 

I'm thinking of Normalin turning automatically when the corner comes up.