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A game about a red haired hare named Conney, trying to escape a binding contract with an abusive circus ring leader named Thazzarus. An action-platformer where Conney gets captured and tied up a lot. There's also some lore involving japanese mythology, space demons, and magic elixirs... but let's leave that out for now.๐Ÿ˜…

It will have a PS1 retro feel to it: CRT monitor, dithering, wobbling vertices, texture warping and all that good stuff. But if possible I'll give players the option to disable any of these cool additions.

------------------------ UPDATE ---------------------------------

!Update! :  I've added v0.1.4  which builds on new mechanics. It's not as polished as v0.1.24 admitedly, because I had to rebuild much of the code base to add these new features. Specifically:

  • Conney has a kick-ass spin kick move
  • A cartwheel of doom attack
  • A devastating roll attack
  • A menu with options! (You can finally invert that cursed camera ๐Ÿ˜‚)

I've also changed the main collectible to tickets. Collect all 70 in this demo and you might get a cool reward. There's also a hidden secret, but you have to look well to find it ๐Ÿ˜‰

PC Controls:

  • WASD: Movement
  • Space: Jump
  • Control: Crouch ( Roll when moving)
  • X / Z : Attack / Struggle
  • Escape: Open up Menu
  • Mouse / Arrow Keys: Rotate Camera
  • + / - / Scroll Wheel: Zoom in/out

Try it out and let me know what you think. Do you like the new combat moves? Does the game feel good to play? Do you have any suggestions? etc.



For "archiving" purposes I'm posting two early demos of this project. They don't represent the project in the direction its going, but it does share some commonalities.

  • Version 0.1.24 is an early version of the idea, involving Conney in a forest setting having to deal with creepy dolls / puppets. She has to collect keys for her bindings as well as Easter Eggs.
  • Version 0.1.3 is an evolution of the idea, which fixes some anatomical mistakes on Conney's 3d model, and tries to introduce a card-power up mechanic. I also tried to give Conney a "jungle explorer" look. I moved away from the creepy puppets idea.

Controls (Demos)

  • WASD/ Left stick: movement
  • Arrow Keys / Mouse / Right stick: Camera
  • Space / South Button: Jump
  • Enter / North Button: Interaction Button / Start Dialog (only for 0.1.24)
  • X/ Z / West Button: Struggling / Next Dialog (only for 0.1.24)
  • Left Control / East Button: Crouch
  • U key: Invert Camera Horizontally
  • Y key: Invert Camera Vertically
  • Alt+F4: Exits the game

Fun Facts

  • This project started out as an Easter project, where Conney collect a bunch of eggs
  • Conney used to have pink hair in a past iteration. That version had an appearance in an RPGmaker demo.
  • The name Conney derives from "coney" which means rabbit.
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorPonti Kue
Made withBlender, Krita, Unity, Audacity
Tags3D Platformer, bondage, bondage-fetish, bunny-girl, circus, damsel-in-distress, Fantasy, NSFW
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


Version 0.1.4 (Windows 64bit) 44 MB
Version 0.1.4 (Linux) 45 MB
Version 0.1.4 (MacOS) 54 MB
Conney_v0.124.zip 47 MB
Conney_v0.1.3.zip 28 MB

Install instructions

Extract contents of the archive file into a new folder. Do NOT use "extract here" because everything will spill out in the current folder, and it will be a mess.

Run the .exe files in the extracted folder.

Make sure that UnityPlayer dll, Conney_Data folder, MonoBleedingEdge folder, and the 2 exe files are all in the same folder.

Development log


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I have a question about version 0.124 and it is that I would like to know if all the content is only 2 levels since when I enter the pso the screen stays completely black, however if I press any of the buttons for movement I can still hear the steps and also when I move the camera I can see part of the wall textures

Hey so do you still have a Discord?

finally found it

Will a sequel be produced?

so sweet game

Came here because horni, then came back because this is an actually very promising game

you should add gags

(1 edit) (+1)

There's a gag hidden around the corner where you crawl under that one block, fall off the edge to the right before the block and you'll see it (this is in v0.1.4)


once I open the audio on the menu the game crashes

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Hi, I have played the three demo versions v0.124, v0.1.3 and v0.1.4, and also prefer the puzzle-solving play style of v0.124. Being able to trick the enemies and attack them is fun, and Conney can be both a smart trickster and helpless damsel depending on if she gets tied :)

Conney needs keys to remove the chains reminds me of the Hazmat game, it is a good way to tell the players the reachable places without the need to use any texts, I like it. And I like the rabbit enemy who ties Conney back again and again, seeing Conney lost her hard-earned freedom is always fun. XD

Speaking of that, just a personal wish for the game, not sure if it matches with your existing ideas: I hope in the future versions there can be devious traps, which apply restraints like ropes or gags to Conney when she triggers them, either accidentally or unavoidably. The annoyed face of Normalin in Hazmat game when she finally unlocked the handcuff and realised she needed a vocal password to unlock the gag impressed me. I believe you will plan to make similar devious scenes again :)

Anyway, I enjoyed the demos a lot, thanks!

Hey there. I haven't heard from you for a while. You good?

The MacOS version does not work for me sadly.(my Mac is version12.6)

is the well supposed to soft lock the game? where am i supposed to go?

I liked the way she looked in 0.124 more, but I can tell the game's development is coming along nicely! Can't wait to see more progress!

as my opininon, ver 0.124 was perfect.

how do you get the ballgag?

Oof... Not a fan of the 0.1.4 version.

The first thing I noticed is the slight redesign for Conney. In the last 2 versions, she was cute. This updated design seems to be aiming to make her look beautiful, but it doesn't look right. And her idle stance also seems like she's leaning towards the "sexy/beautiful" trope. I think its the lipstick, for the most part?
I still think her 0.124 design was perfect.

The spinny kick move, not a fan. I think Conney needs to have a stationary form of attack. Several times I mashed the button to struggle out of ropes only to input one too much presses and go flip-a-dip-flinging myself off the stage. And the fact that her roll-attack is performed by moving and then hitting the crawl button means she has two moves in her kit that serve the same function.

And lastly, the rope/bondage aspects now seem like more of an afterthought than a game mechanic. This could just be because its a very early demo showing how things will work, but again, 0.124 was the perfect mix of platforming and bondage. Freeing each set of limbs opened up your movement options, similar to a Metroidvenia.
In both 0.1.3 and 0.1.4, it feels less like mechanic and more like a fail-state you can mash to remove.

Keeping my eyes pealed to see where you take it next.


I'm sorry to hear that.

I had to make some changes to the expression system, so I had to redraw all the eye shapes and mouth. At the time I thought that giving her lips would be an improvement. In anycase I'll try and make her more cute for the next one.

I wanted a move that uses her hands on the ground, but attacking enemies directly with her hands (e.x punching) didn't fit her very much. To me the cartwheel was the best option. If you have any suggestions for stationary attacks I'll consider.

As for the "flip-a-dip" issue, it's something I'm working to fix for the next demo since a few others encountered it as well.

Conney in 0.124 didn't have any abilities other than jumping making it bland a fairly bland platformer. So for the newer versions I started adding more to her moveset with the hopes of making platforming fun and enjoyable. I had to side-line bondage mechanics temporarily to do that. But I assure you I'll focus on bondage mechanics more and more as I make the levels.

As for the bondage Metroidvania idea. I do plan to use it in Conney, but as small escape segments of the game. There needs to be more variety in gameplay scenarios and the way bondage affects the game.

Hi there! I've been watching your content in DA back then.  Anyway, your new game seems almost similar to Hajime games like Huuma Mina or Cinderella Escape that have bondage stuff. This is look nice and classy games. And i like it. I can't wait to see you update more of this games. :D


Thanks BigDust!
The similarity to those games was coincidental ^_^' .

I hope the next release meets your expectations ;)

Hi man! I did download and play the demo yesterday and i gonna say it's really good. Since this is still under development, i wonder if you add bondage gear selection in wardrobe or something like that for this game? If you do that, that would be great!


I'll try to add a variety of bindings and bondage situations during the game.

The wardrobe idea sounds more something you get rewarded with after completing the game. Like some sort of dev-room. But if its not too difficult I'll consider adding it in. ๐Ÿ˜„

I have downloaded the Mac version but Mac will say app can't be opened and I also can't extract it despite guide saying to extract and play

I do not have any MacOS devices so I can't test it sadly. Can you show me some screenshots of the error so we can troubleshoot?

It says this
Also, I used my windows desktop to try it out and I liked it and all. Even found the gag you hidden. Pretty clever

However, there is 2 things I would like to talk about
First, pauses between actions was bit wierd. So like I cannot jump immediately after using roll. So sometimes parkour felt less fun because of it. Imagine being able to do crouch roll, roll, then a jump spin kick Triple Axel!  

Second is I saw how you changed bondage to be a hinderance in the game. But because it is easily removable, I wonder how game over is gonna possibly happen. If enemy only applies bondage like very first version. I think this game might be a cakewalk as there is no "Gameover"

Lastly, this is more of question but if this is going to be 18+ as stated in Itch.io, do you have intention to put lewd things? Like sex toys(like vibrator) as part of bondage, bondage types for stimulation purposes or nudity? This one is more of question of how the game is going to be.

You'll be glad to know that the "pauses" will be elliminated in the next demo :) . You can interrupt any ability with a jump, and there are no freeze frames at the end of them. But I had to nerf the spin kick and jumps a bit because they were ridiculously OP ^-^'

When games have infinite lives or save files, the "GameOver" screen becomes a minor hindrance rather than punishment for failure. But they can be useful as a narrative / fan service device: some games have multiple endings for this very reason. People are curious to see what happens should their favourite hero fail, or do things differently.

However, In my game I'll try to avoid "GameOver" screens as much as possible. Upon failure Conney is captured and imprisoned. Each time they'll make her escape more difficult by patching alternate exits, increasing her bindings, etc.

I'm split 50/50 on whether to include sexual stuff. Some people are against sexualizing the game and just want a DiD themed game, and have expressed this opinion to me multiple times. I might have to do a poll at some point to decide. Nudity might be more difficult because that would involve making another Conney model/outfit... a-and I'd rather focus on making the game :D

(1 edit)

Understandable. Thanks for the replies and your thoughts. So what you are trying to go for is that "gameover"/punishment mechanic is  basically going to be "Returned to starting point"? Like similar to Getting Over It or Hello Neighbour where you get to certain "starting location" with minor hinderance? I think that is actually fitting idea as Conney is currently up for escape from black company Circus, not a slaughterhouse or horror movie place or something. Makes sense why they will capture her with light amount of hinderance

Also I know everyone criticized it but can you bring some cute emotes from first version? Like face change when she hits the ground or surprised face when she is untieing bondage or when she got hit by it?

I'm so happy somebody noticed those!! :D

Just because you asked I'll include them ;)

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Awww, how sweet of you. I luv u fam! 10/10 best dev. 
But like seriously when I saw first version conney bop on her belly and make cute face, I was having urge to draw headpat fanart of her. 
And I purposely fell from high place after removing binding just to check if I can see the face again.

Yea, I really liked that cute-vibe she had because what is more cute than a positive energy girl trying to escape abusive black company or wierd fairytale land or whatever

Yay! I like the facial expression changes too! It is a great way to show Conney's mental activities when not using any texts, just like the Hazmat game.

There are 3 areas in the 0.124 version right? because i cant pass through any dor or get that blue egg

Exiting the house (first area) requires thinking outside the box ;)

If I be honest, I had difficulty finding out "Is that spring moveable?!" because for some reason during my first playthrough, it wasn't movable even with Conney who removed bondage

I should have added some clues (like skid marks under the spring) before releasing it.

Yea but it is past story anyways.

But when you are planning something similar for your current project. I think bound Conney being able to move the object even slightly when touched will help indicate certain objects are moveable. Or have some sort of signal to it as it seems there is gonna be no "Grab and move' like feature. Indicators like cuphead where all Parry-able objects are light emitting pink objects could also work depending on colour scheme you are going for.

Nice, but looks like I canโ€™t shout. AZERTY btw. Moving around work perfectly, but it give me a controller prompt and w/x donโ€™t work

I'm terribly sorry! I forgot to add the interact button in the instructions ^-^'
Press (Enter) when the triangle shows up. X is simply used to advance the dialog.

Do you have a twitter or such to be contacted or followed at? :)

I have a dA account and a Discord.

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So whatever happened to Tess Game?

Anywho, I much prefer the struggling mechanics of 0.124 as opposed to the "pick up a card, now you're free" of 0.1.3.

A stealth-like game where getting caught just makes it harder for you to do the stealthy things like running and jumping, staying quiet, etc, that all seems way cooler than the temple theme.


Tess game is currently on hold.

I'll take into consideration your comment on struggling mechanics and stealth. They seem to be quite popular with a lot of people. :)

I also liked the idea used in the Hazmat game where each binding was a different material, so each one required a different method of removal.

It felt like its own mini metroidvenia, where overcoming a challenge earned you more mobility, letting you go back to previous areas and access previously inaccessible parts of the map.

Indeed. That game was actually inspired by MetroidVanias among other things. ;)


Well, I am excited to see not just one new game concept, but part of two. There's a lot I like here, and a lot I'm a bit iffy on. I feel like is the more fleshed-out of the two ideas, and definitely the one I played the most of... but I still like a lot of the movement mechanics of 0.1.3 like rolling and roll-canceling. Not to mention I just like the high-booted bunny girl outfit from slightly more than I do the jungle explorer suit from 0.1.3—both are great, but a bunny girl in a bunny suit just works, y'know?

Regardless, I look forward to future releases if and when they come.

I thought it would be a good idea to post something playable rather than just still pictures and videos (like I usually do) ^-^

Your feeling regarding of being more polished is correct. That's because I had to roll back (pun intended) some features while making changes (for the next version). Especially when changing core scripts, that would break everything if I wasn't careful. Still, it was worth it for a more agile Conney ;)

On the matter of the bunny-suit, I completely agree: it is more appealing than the jungle outfit. My only problem is having a good explanation as to why she was wearing it :D

In the version she's wearing it for fun during her tie-up games. Needless to say, she wasn't expecting those creepy dolls to show up outside her house...

In 0.1.3 I switched it to a jungle explorer outfit because I wanted to make her a bit more adventurous (hence the climbing and rolling). The setting was also going to be rainforest / jungle themed. The bunny suit would have been an unlockable outfit, but used it as a placeholder for the speed power-up instead.

These are looking great so far! Is there anything beyond the screen with the pig in v0.124, or did I reach the end of what you had prepared?

That's pretty much the end of that version :)

Awesome! Im really looking forward to where this project goes.

Any plans to make a version for Mac?

Sure! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But It'll take some time to find the right project version and build it for MacOS.